Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Art of making fire

There are moments in life which are so beautiful you cannot capture them on photo. All you can do is take a mental picture and save it as a memory forever.

Yesterday was on of those moments as my friend and I drove up to a little lake to make a picnic. The drive alone was already so captivating it felt like going on vacation.
After a quick hike to the lake which by the way is under nature protection we unpacked our goods and collected some wood to make a fire.
Due to wet wood we had some trouble getting the (mini) fire going and kept on blowing kept on trying until the final ignition.
It had already gotten dark as we roasted our feta cheese, tomatoes, bread and sausage. We laughed so hard and had so much fun cooking our food on open fire.
Then the night set in and the stars came out. As we roasted our marshmallows and let the fire burn down we talked about the beauty of nature, about stories, about dreams in life. The world and our daily lives felt so far away.
It was a night of many shooting stars and wishes made.
I climbed into bed with a heart full of happiness and delight. These are the moments.



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  1. I want to say that I visited that lake, and camped in a nearby cabin, once in high school. Regardless, my kind of evening.


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